We Love Halloween!

When Halloween is just around the corner my two kids and I get busy trying to decide which costume to buy or make. Although, I do have to admit that I think it is just as much fun for me to see them so excited and being so creative on their costume designing - even if in the end we sometimes run out of time and end up with just a Power Ranger or Hannah Montana. Halloween is a time for both adults and kids alike to delve into their creative sides and dream up inventive Halloween costumes. It is also a time when people want to be something that they cannot be in their everyday lives. Some people choose to use their minds and try something clever, while others stick to the traditional choices of ghost or witch. When my kids were infants I wanted something so adorable and not just anything would do. I wanted all eyes on my new baby! Not to mention the fantastic scrapbook pages I was going to create with those pictures. ExtremeHalloween.com: 1000's of Costumes to Choose From. This company carries costumes for everyone in ALL sizes - I'm not a petite lady. They even have costumes for your pets! On a more creative note, a way to make a costume that seems serious more amusing is by incorporating the right Halloween Props and Decorations. My husband and I love to go to Halloween parties and it is a hoot to match our costumes. From wigs to glue on fangs to the complete head-to-toe costume we have had them all! It is so much fun to be silly and creative once a year with our friends. We have even become so competitive that all the couples keep it a secret what their costumes are going to be. You can find top Halloween couples costumes by clicking here. Have fun with your costume this year and go over the top! Make your costume the best at the party! You have the perfect excuse to go over the top and surprise everyone with your alter ego or fantasy.

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