The Face

This is the face. The face that only a mother can love. This is the face of the 4 year old holy terror of pre-school. You know the one. The one where every other mom looks at him in bewilderment and has that thought bubble protruding from their head that reads of blaming the parents, or why do they let him stay, or mine will never act that way. Those same moms give you either the out of the corner of their eye glances or they actually give you that half smile and say Oh, your so-and-so's mom. Yup, I've reached that level of social status at our pre-school. The walk down the hallway to the cubby at the end of the day for pick up has become one of looming dread, pins-n-needles, like walking to the gas chamber. I have a child that ~ let's put it mildly ~ non-compliance issues. Last week he decided his clothes were too scratchy and he just had to remove them down to his gutchies and run down the hallway. Today he decided he was going to spit and hit everyone during his 4 (yeah, count them- 4) tantrums. And this was only a 1/2 day of school. The school has been great and the teachers have gone above and beyond to help. Anyone else one of these moms?

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