Sickness Abound

I was so excited to go to work today. I needed the rest. I've spent the last 4 days washing anything and everything that could be inserted into the washer, including rugs. I've also taken four hours to clean out what we call "the play room" which is in reality the black hole for all things kid related. This was a feat that I so callously thought I would be able to have the children help me with on a Saturday afternoon but to my surprise and with my last nerve dangling by a thread found out that you cannot clean and discard items with "them" around. So this job was placed on hold until Monday morning when "they" were at school. I feel almost cleansed ~ and I found the missing remote! Unfortunately, though, I'm not such a lucky duck after all. The boy child woke up with a 102 degree temperature. Poor thing was all red cheeked and complained of a headache. Poor me now misses another day of work. Just in time for Easter too. I have missed so much work in the last 2 months due to one of them having a fever/virus I'm not sure I'll have a job soon. Maybe with Spring coming this will rid the world of all fever causing viruses from the school/daycare and I can start accruing vacation/sick time again.

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