Valuing Friendship

People come and go in our lives. It is interesting to see which ones have stayed consistently, which ones have been brief, and which have gone and returned. Everyone plays their part ~ I believe there is a reason for each and every person who touches your life to be there. Either you need to learn/receive something from them or they need it from you in order to go forward in their/your journey. My life has certainly been filled with unique individuals. My journey so far has not been without its struggles but it has also had many triumphs. Some years it is not so balanced.
Recently, I have noticed an odd shift in the balance of my life. I've had a lot more exposure to friends old and new. I am very thankful for them. They make me smile just thinking about them or something they may have said. I hope that I don't miss what it is I'm to gain from them (or vice versa), but I will enjoy them none-the-less.
Joel Osteen was in our town recently. I wish I would have seen his show. I think he is a wonderful motivational speaker. I've seen his TV shows and thought that they were very uplifting.

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