From Euphoria to Near Tragic in a Blink of an Eye

The Billy Joel concert was fantastic. Started out a bit slowly (which was fine because I had to have a bunch of pee breaks) but then really kicked in gear. Husband was so excited to be there and see his all-time fave singer in action. Our seats were fantastic too. If you've ever been to a Pens hockey game picture center ice 6 rows from the ice - amazing! I could see the steam coming out of his mug that he had sitting on top of his piano from my seat. (I saw BJ when he was at the Three Rivers Stadium with Elton John. That my friends was a phenomenal concert.) Hats off to Billy Joel for the fun he gave to the crowd - he had a "roadie" of his named "Chainsaw" perform Highway to Hell around midway through the concert. That got the 'Burghers up on their feet. The show ended with the top 3 - Italian Restaurant, Only the Good Die Young, and Piano Man. It was so fun to see that Pittsburgh will tailgate for any reason -- there were grills going and tailgating going on like it was a Steelers game - yeah! Mind you this is Billy Joel so this was not a young crowd of fans either.
Now onto the bummer of the night - kids. Phone call 1 at 6:40pm: "Mom can I sleep over a friend's house." Answer - NO. Phone call 2 at 7:45pm: Phone rings - I answer, hysteria on the other end. Not a good scenerio for any mom to hear. All I hear is Diva saying "OMG, OMG, it's all my fault, OMG" and boy child in the background screaming. Well, talk about a heart jumper. Finally, babysitter get's on the phone. Who mind you is also sounding a bit like she wants to become hysterical too. She is a sweet, neighbor girl, who will endure the wrath of Boy Child so to me she is priceless! However, she made a very bad judgement call this particular evening.
Of course it happens on the one night of the year that Husband and I get to go out.
Here is the villian.
Here is the scene of the crime. If you look real hard at the end of the street, there are 2 small white dots almost side to side. The one of the left is the metal street sign. But I wanted you to have the view that show how far he traveled without anyone being able to stop him.
Here is the victim. This picture truly does not do the marks justice. There is a huge black-n-blue knot the size of a plum (almost) on his forehead right above where the bloody red signpost mark starts. Also, the right forearm is completely bruised and brush-burned.
Story as I'm told: Babysitter, Diva & Boy Child were all out front on the street. Diva told Babysitter to let Boy Child have big wheel on street (no helmet). Diva distracted Babysitter. Boy Child went full speed down street, hitting into itchy weeds, flying from bike, striking metal sign post with face and forearm.
Instructions for Babysitter before leaving for concert: Diva may play out front with her friends until 7pm. Boy Child may play in the back yard or on the deck because if you let him out front he will get away from you, so do not do it.
Thanks to God's graces Boy Child seems to be okay other than some bruises, bumps and scrapes. We are continuing to watch him for any signs of concussion though. He is acting and speaking fine.
At midnight, my kids greeted us from the top of the stairs and babysitter was very upset. She looked like she had been crying. I hugged her and said that this could have had a more tragic ending but thankfully it doesn't appear to be all that bad. She was upset that we wouldn't trust her anymore. I assured her that we trust her, but that this was a bad call on her part. There was a reason why I told her not to take him out front and we never (ever) let him ride his big wheel on the street.
What would you have done/said to the babysitter when you got home?

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