Mock Anniversary Drill -- Whawp, Whawp, Whawp.

I've got a ferocious case of PMS this week. So Husband and I have not spoken much to each other. He has P'd me off quite a bit over the last few days so it is best for him to keep his distance. However, today I get a phone call at work from Husband. He is all overly lovely to me (you know the kind when they've either got some very bad news for you or they want to do something that they know you will b*#!ch about). He proceeds to tell me how much he loves me and how much I mean to him, etc., etc. In my mind I'm thinking that he a) had a stroke and doesn't know it, b) been sniffing too much deisel fuel, c) just quit his job (again). So I ask dear husband, Did you hit your head or are you just really bored? He replies that he is just letting me know how much he adores me on this special day. What special day - Administrative Professionals Day? Wednesday? What? Then like a lightening bolt it hits me ... he is a month off ... he is buttering me up because he thinks that he forgot our 10th wedding anniversary!! LOL!! He thinks because I've been giving him the cold shoulder this week it is because I think he forgot our anniversary - how funny is that?!! So I point out to him that he is a month off for our anniversary, if that is what he is thinking. Silence on the other end ... then ... Oh, okay then, see ya tonight. Pure magic I tell ya, pure sweet passion there. I sure cannot wait for the real anniversary date now -- no seriously how do you top that one?

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Cindy Watrous said...

I'm nearly falling out of my chair! This sounds like a typical occurance in my marriage, too!

After making the first strides to recover from the biggest blow our marriage has taken to date (since 9/2003) Husband commented to me that 7 years was too much to throw away, and we've only been together 6! :)