Mother's Day - Ahhh, Sedona

Ahhh, Sedona.
This is where I spent Mother's Day last year. It was a piece of heaven, I tell ya. Yes, this is actually a photo that I took myself atop the rocks. My sister and I actually escaped for 3 nights (yeah, all you moms know that in the husband's mind it equals an entire week or more - to us it is a blink of the eye.)
Let me give you a synopsis of that weekend:
Lunch at the airport (no spilling of juice, no flicking of food, no screaming - nope none of that), Sleeping on the flight (yep, sleeping for 3 hours - except to be asked if I wanted a snack or a drink - imagine that), Driving to hotel (ahhh yeahhh - got to listen to the grown-up music, no Radio Disney or Alphabet Songs here).

Stopped for dinner. (Will post that picture as soon as sis emails it to me) Can you say the best darn steak salad I've ever had in my life? (They brought the steak separate from the salad - but as a true Pittsburgh gal would do I had to order french fries on the side for the salad) Oh yes, dessert was also the best darn pie ever eaten on this here Earth. My sister and I shared a huge slab of Jack Daniel's Peacan Pie.

The hotel was very nice. The pool was awsome - funny I don't recall taking a photo of it though but it had waterfalls and water spouts that were set to a timer so that us folks sunbathing would get a misting to cool off - did I mention it was 101 degrees there? But it was a dry heat - not humid - it is true you don't melt in it, you can really still function.
Took a Pink Jeep tour. If you ever get to Sedona you absolutely cannot leave there without taking the Pink Jeep tour. What a hoot. You really get up there on those red rocks and the tour guides are so much fun.
I also received my first ever full body massage. I have to say that we were a bit timid about this but so glad that we did it. We had the 30 minute massage and let me just say that 30 minutes is not nearly long enough - it flies by so fast. If I ever get the chance to have another, I will definitely take the full 60 minutes. Oh, and my first pedicure - wow, how nice are they?
Let us not forget the wonderful shopping they have there and of course more sight seeing.
On the way back to the airport we pushed our luck with time and made a pit stop back to the diner with the phenomenal pies and actually each bought one to bring home with us (yep, it sat as carry on right on the floor). Husband's loved us for 'em too.
Ahhh, Sedona ~ I remember it well. That was a wonderful Mother's Day.

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