Bambi Bar-B-Que

Okay. Remember now, I don't cook very well. So, when I ask this question, let us all remember to use small, layman, words so I do not get spooked and run away.

My husband had shot a deer this past hunting season. My daughter and husband love to eat this deer meat. Me, I cannot get past the unusual smell of it. So, here is the question ~ For the love of Pete, how are you supposed to cook this stuff. We have steaks, roasts, ground meat, chops. What am I supposed to do with it? Everyone says to throw it in the crock pot and cook it for 12 hours. Aah, yeah ~ I'm the one who cannot cook even a pot roast in the crock pot without it turning to a hard dried out unrecognizable lump.

Is there anyone out there that can give me honest to goodness, self-tried (and eaten) recipes for venison????

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