Webkinz Out The Wazoo

Do you have these critters in your home? Diva does. Diva has 24 to be exact. All over the house & car to be even more exact.
These little darlings are to an 8 year old child what boobs are to a 14 year old boy ~ all the brain can think of, how are they dressed up and displayed, who has what kind, and desperate to play with them.

However, here is the description that Webkinz World gives on the learning skills a child will acquire while utilizing their fine services:

Webkinz World is a great place to learn and play!

Your child can learn lots of fun facts at Quizzy's. The questions at Quizzy's are age-appropriate, and most are educationally based.

We also have several arcade games that promote learning: * Lunch Letters helps children to learn how to type and spell * Quizzy's Word Challenge aids in spelling * Operation Gumball encourages children to think logically * Webkinz Newz and the W Tales encourage reading, and our many contests encourage writing, creativity, and problem-solving. * Your child can learn about money in Webkinz World; by earning KinzCash, your child learns how to save and spend money. * Webkinz World also helps to teach children about responsibility, caring for a pet, and getting along with others.

Yeah ~ can you say absolute addiction?! I guess it could be worse I could have the itty bitty Lego's everywhere. Also, in Webkinz’s defense, it is very G rated and if my kid is gonna be on the internet I guess this is the site I'd want her to be.

She could be surfing You Tube to watch her all time fave 3 boys in action. (There was supposed to be a really cute You Tube video of the JoBros here but I couldn't get it work, sorry you're stuck with a generic ole photo.)

Or to be way more specific this one specific JB:

Aaaww Yeeeaaah, in my day it was Andy Gibb ~ he sported the stylish white tennis shoes too, now that I think of it.


Karrine said...


i like your blog!
I would love to see your blog listed at HerBlogDirectory.com

Kim said...

Thanks for the comment! No webkinz in our house. My boys aren't to that age yet, though I almost got one for myself. My nieces and nephew all have them and wanted me to have one too. If I don't have as much time as I'd like to blog, how would I keep up with a webkinz?