New Feathers

** warning parental guidance is suggested with this post **

Ladies I'm gonna need some advice on this one. Diva has discovered she has the dreaded (and relayed to you in Diva Dialect) pee pee hairs.

Now I'll give you all a minute to stop laughing ~~~~~~~ okay, there.

Now seriously, she came downstairs from her bath and had to show me them in all their wonderous glory! Geesh!! It gets better, really. Since I couldn't see anything at all there, she says, feel them mom they're like feathers - then giggles and says I've got new feathers! I passed on the feeling them part and just took her word for it, Lord she was so innocent in this discussion that it was so hard to keep it together.

I'm not quite ready for this one but guess I better get educated on the proper techniques of discussing the puberty issues (without the actual sex talk parts). Maybe it would be better to take her to a class offered at one of the hospitals (for you locals - like Magee or CHP) so I don't get the usual Diva oh what do you know attitude. What do you think or better yet ~ how did you handle this one? She started with the horrible BO this year too and I think she is starting to get the breast buds (but it could just be chubbiness).

When I was in sixth grade I had my first period ~ totally unprepared ~ never had any kind of talk or preparations from my mom. Total freak fest, let me tell ya. To boot, my mom wasn't even home that night that it happened ~ had to rely on my older sister who literally threw a small paper book at me and said oh just read this. Back then they had the oh so lovely and oh so stationary sanitary napkins (you recall the ones with the tails on both ends that you wove through the clips in the ever comfortable grandma styled that time of the month gutchies). Let us not let this experience happen to Diva, I need your input.

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