On our 10th Wedding Anniversary

Dear Husband,
Today is our 10th wedding anniversary, although at the end of this year we will have been a couple for 15 years. I view that as quiet an accomplishment. When we met, you were the most charming man I’ve ever seen. Asking permission to kiss me, flowers, your whispering sweet nothings in Italian to me, listening/singing to the radio, cuddling on the couch while watching movies, and always the gentleman when we went out. You were a charmer. I was impressed by not only your looks but by the way you were so confident in every decision you made. If you said you were going to do something you did it. We had so much fun going to the Funnybone, riding snowmobiles (who cared that there was no snow), having friends over for a barbeque and swimming. What fun. We planned our future together and we were so sure of how everything would be. We became entrepreneurs, and then I got a new job (ended up to be the best move for me).
We skipped the engagement ring so we could buy our first house together and what a mess that house was, but oh the potential. We had so much land clearing and remodeling to do before we moved in ~ you did a great job at that! The house looked wonderful. We planned our wedding and paid for every last dime of it ourselves (it didn’t matter that we had to stay up late the night of the wedding and open envelopes to get the deposit slip ready in order to cover the bills from the wedding). Oh, the honeymoon cruise ~ whooo hooo. We had a blast on that cruise, we were so busy having fun and enjoying the new experiences of the islands I don’t even remember what our cabin looked like ~ did we ever sleep? Life was good. I hadn’t even been on an airplane before I met you. When I got pregnant, I couldn’t believe it. How exciting that was. How nerve-racking it was too, always worrying if everything was okay. Not knowing the baby’s sex was fun though. You were such a trooper through my pregnancy and the delivery. What an event that was too. Never a dull moment for us! But there she was, Diva in all her glory. You were so proud and completely awestruck. We enjoyed her so much.

Life took a bit of a different direction for us after that. Plans that we had made had to be rethought, life got a bit more complicated. I continued to work full-time. Time spent together was shortened. New groups of people were brought into our lives, some not so good, others are still with us. So many happenings, ups, downs and mix-ups.

Remember when we took Diva on her first plane ride to the beach? We were so afraid she was going to be disruptive and she was a natural born traveler ~ should we have expected anything else from her? She went everywhere with us, so much fun. Then she got lonely and prayed and prayed for a brother/sister. I took some convincing (I’m not the “Oh I just love being pregnant” kinda gal.), but eventually I caved in. The test was positive (I think – how many did we do? – that line just didn’t seem so positive.) and baby number two was on the way. What a horrific pregnancy experience that was. OMG, I became totally convinced that this one was the last one ~ I would never go through that again. I was so battered internally from Boy Child that I swear he is the reason my gallbladder went bad. More changes this time. You moved us to a new house 4 months after his birth. Nice big house, which you once again remodeled to a T (could’ve picked a more kid-friendly shade of carpet though).
I think that the last four years have been the roughest for us, emotionally, financially, spiritually, and physically. We’ve had many battles, you and I. We’ve not been the best parents, spouses or the best of friends. Your business has taken up so much of your time and energy, Boy Child has been much more than we bargained for, and all the while Diva has just been her drama queen, high-maintenance self (thank goodness she is such a good girl or we would really go over the edge).
Now with all the losses we face in our lives together, we need to really count the blessings that we have. You and I have conquered many obstacles that would have torn apart any other couple. We have persevered. Even though it seems that we have lost it all right now, we need to understand this is just God’s way of washing the slate clean and giving us another chance to get it right.
My wish for us on this 10th anniversary of our commitment to one and another is that we take this chance we have been given to realize our priorities (focus on our family's strength) and live them according to God’s will. We need to let Him guide us now.
I love you, dear Husband, and I cannot imagine life without you by my side. Thank you for all that you do for me (and your children).
With all my love,
Your Wife

PS: Sorry we couldn't find a babysitter. The flowers were gorgeous! The romantic Vincent's pizza at home with the kids was great and the always delicious Oakmont Bakery "Compromise" cake was a hit. Still not quite what I had dreamt of for our 10th anniversary. LOL.

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