Play Ball !

Ahh, Spring ~ the time of year when the allergies are abundant, the bees are abuzz, the kids get the bikes out, the world is so florescent green and softball begins.
Let us not forget the Stanley Cup Playoffs -- LET'S GO PENS!
(but we'll save that for another post.)
Do any of you have children (specifically - girls) that play on a local softball team? Well, Diva most certainly does. Last year was her first year to play and their team went all the way -- they ended up losing the championship game but it was a nail-biter. So of course this year when it was sign-up time, she was all a flutter and wanted to join again (sure when you end on a winning note you think that you will always be the winning team). Naturally, being the most giving parents there are, we sign her up. $70 bucks later she has a team shirt and visor and off we go.
Let me explain that Diva is not the most graceful of children. When she was younger we worried that she would never walk without falling. She is still clumsy. She doesn't run very fast either. Watching her run the bases is so painful, like watching someone with a 70lb backpack strapped to their backs and trying to run the bases at full speed - that is a good visual. So it is a darn good thing that she can whack the ball way into the outfield, because she certainly needs the time to get her slough-like body to the base.
Have any of you ever attended one of these 7-11 year old softball games? Okay, let me explain the rules -- there are only 6 innings, during your team's time at bat you either get 5 runs or 3 outs (whichever comes first). Sounds simple enough right? OMG - these games last 2 - 2 1/2 hours!!!!!! You can literally watch the hair on your legs grow faster than the innings of these games. Now couple this with the fact that I have a 4 year old Boy Child who has Oppositional defiant disorder, ADHD, Obsessive compulsive disorder, and Intermittent explosive disorder. You tell me, am I the mom that everyone wants to see at the game or what?! I think you can hear the collective groan from the bleachers as we walk to the field from the parking lot. (When it was basketball season, they had to stop a game twice because of Boy Child - that was embarrassing. These mom's do not forget or forgive.) Fortunately for Boy Child the 2 fields we have games at have playgrounds --- one has a visual of the field one does not.
The last game Diva was so proud of herself -- she was the recipient of the coveted "game ball". To put this game in perspective for ya -- I had dropped Diva off at 6p, went food shopping, put the food away at home, then came to the game and they were only at the top of the third inning. She had 4 great hits and these helped enable her team win the game by 22-12. It only took from 6:15pm - 8:35pm for this to be accomplished. Way to go girls!

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