I'm The Big, Fat Meanie

Yep, that's me ~ The Big, Fat Meanie (TBFM). (Thanks once again to SpongeBob Squarepants for teaching Boy Child that phrase.)

It has been a three day long battle (not constant but enough to really be a pain in the function of the day) of defiance and aggression this weekend. So TBFM along with Husband have been duking it out with Boy Child. He has been given his three strike rules and has lost several perks (for example: dessert, chocolate milk, and his prize possession - Buddy.)

This is Buddy. He has had him since he was born and this is his security blanket. Buddy has been banned to the top of the china cabinet jail. Boy Child has to earn the rights to hold Buddy once more.

This morning when Boy Child woke up and said that it wasn't fair to Buddy that he be so afraid on the top of the china cabinet and he can hear him crying. I told him that he should have thought of that before he kept hurting members of our family and disobeying us. (At one point during dinner he actually had the nerve to flick ranch dip at Husband. I could not believe it.) The answer I received from Boy Child was I got punched in the nose and told I was stupid. However, he has been doing very nicely today and if he keeps it up he will get Buddy back. Time will tell, the day is young.

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