The Return of Zen

So, we spent the last 2 days without any electricity. At first it was pandemonium in our house everyone was having their own separate meltdown about what they wouldn't be able to do for the evening: husband was upset about the general interruption from him working and then just the entire inconvenience of it all, Boy Child was wondering how he would sleep without his nightlight on, Diva didn't really care because she was all for us having to pay attention to her and maybe getting to play a board game of Clue Jr. (although she wouldn't get to feed her Webkinz or spin the Wheel Of Wow), and I was ecstatic that I didn't have to cook dinner, of course, but then became uneasy about how to deal with the brewing attitudes of the rest of the bunch.

Other than the fact that it was only 40 degrees that night (which really was a blessing in disguise so my food stayed frozen longer in the freezer without the dastardly heat) I really didn't mind not hearing the TV on all night. I'm somewhat of a mole anyway so not having lights to turn on wasn't a big deal either. I was a bit upset with not being able to do laundry (yep, I said it) or run the dishwasher which was full (no hot water either to hand wash them). But the Boy Child waking me up 5 times at night because it was too dark in his room was very annoying. I even gave him a flashlight and told him he could leave it on all night but he was so anal about the batteries dying that it was making him more nervous to leave the flashlight on. There was no winning situation for him that night. What can I say he has OCD and doesn't transition well. So every hour on the hour the bugger came to tell me that there still wasn't any power in the house because his nightlight still wasn't working.

On day 3 we had power restored. Boy Child can sleep now knowing his nightlight is on (and so can I), Husband can fall asleep to the TV, Diva didn't miss Camp Rock, and oh the sweet sounds of the washer/dryer and diswasher all running simultaneously. All is right in the world.

Zen has been returned.

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Cheryl said...

Thank goodness she didn't miss Camp Rock. I know I sat thru the whole thing..because I need to know the latest songs so I don't appear clueless. I am the oldest mom in my youngest child's I have to be a little extra hip!

Happy Electricity to you!