This Boy

I ask you to look at this child.

Does he look like a child that would cause such high drama and huge ruckus at daycare?

Does he strike you as the type that could envoke fear and anxiety in adults at a moment's notice? One whose defiance is so strong-willed that it exhausts every last piece of your own will to handle some days?

Does seem super human strong and able to bring a grown man to his knees from one single blow?

Take a moment and look close at this child.

Does he look like a genius to you? Able to deduce and counter attack (with the vocabulary and details of a 4 star general) any and all plans of manipulation you can dish out?

Does he look like he analyzes, computes, and dissects every scenario of every situation?

Does he look like a boy who has nightmares?


He looks like a boy who is caring.

A boy who enjoys people's company (especially the ladies).

A boy whose wit is unmatched by peers and some adults.

A boy who gets the jokes.

A boy who loves deeply and enjoys affection.

A boy whose love of knowledge is insatiable.

A boy who sometimes knows too much.

A boy who's physically superior and whose stamina is immeasurable.

I look at this boy and just watch him sometimes. I try to read his face. I try to understand. I haven't been able to figure it out. I get frustrated. I feel sad for him ~ for the parts of life other boys at 4 are enjoying ~ field trips to pumpkin patches and hayrides, T-ball, soccer, karate, movies, birthday parties and picnics, play dates, monster golf, etc.

Then he catches me looking at him and smiles with his whole face and tells me that he loves me more than I'll ever know and more than my own mom and dad do; then kisses me and gives me the tightest bear hug.

He gives me hope. He is special. He will one day make history. Funny thing is ~ I think he somehow already knows that. I think he is just hanging out (humoring us all) until it's time.

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adria said...

This is beautiful.

I wish that all moms (and the rest of the world) could view each child as the special individual that they really are. I need to try harder to do it with my own children, more of the time.