We Are The Champions!

The softball season has come to a close.

This has certainly been a drama-filled season.

Today was no exception -- Championship Game Day! The girls arrived 30 minutes before game time to warm up and get in some batting practice. They got themselves psyched up by using the black eye cream (I'm so sure there is a "real" name for that stuff, sorry.) and lots of squealing.The parents were all more concerned with finding seats -- no small feat with needing to dodge the filthy berry-covered seats, the swimming pool-like puddles, or the very "slippy" squishey mud surrounding the bleachers where the home team sits. We kept our eyes to the skys since it was windy and very cloudy. But as the game began the clouds parted and the sun shone. We took that as a sign.

The girls did great, in the second inning we were down 3 runs but made an amazing come back and the score was then 12-7.

We held the other team and then scored 6 more runs in the third.

At the top of the fourth there was a loud sound like someone turned on an air compressor, we all looked around but then just shrugged. Then a few minutes later we could smell the natural gas fumes. One of the dads came over asked that no one light a lighter or match because the gas well at the edge of the parking lot has a leak. One of the moms dialed 911 and before we new it we could hear the fire alarms.

No one was sure if we were to evacuate or not so -- Play Ball!

We held them again and that folks was the game! With the 10 run ruling they had no chance of winning so our team won the game.

The girls had so much fun. We didn't have to evacuate. The coach was so excited, he had never coached a team that made it to the playoffs before, let alone win!


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