What, Again?

Lipstick to Crayons first birthday blog bash was a huge success. I had so much fun reading some totally hilarious blogs I've never seen before. I entered their contests too.

I'm somewhat embarrased to say this because of the post from the MommyFest

but here goes ~ I'm A Winner, Again!

I won MINUTEMEN, the hit Disney Channel Original Movie DVD.

If you had taken my advice and visited their birthday bash and you would like to see if you won any prizes too here is their link. http://lipsticktocrayons.com/winners-page

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Daphne said...

Okay, girl now you can't tell me that someone is not watching out for you. Looks like things are looking up and that someone up there love you.

If you feel like trying your luck again I will be starting two new giveaways soon. Both within the next two weeks. Tell your friends or keep it a secret (LOL) it up to you.

You'll have to stop by and see what is going on.