A Grand Ole Time

With Diva in the Windy City for a week with some friends, we decided to venture into the camplands of Pap Pap's abode. Every year after the city's 4th of July celebration his campland puts on a Zambelli Fireworks show. We have missed the last 2 years for various reasons. Boy Child was still in a stroller last time we were there. So we packed up way too much stuff for an overnight visit and headed out.

When we got there a transformer had blow and the entire camp had to no water. This is their biggest day of the year for visitors and not having any water would be a huge problem, doncha know. But that didn't last long and everyone breathed a sign of relief after a couple hours.

Boy Child got to spend some quality time with his father. He swam in a lake, swam in a pool, rode his Fisher Price quad, blew bubbles (he is the master bubble blower), ate junk, made snakes, rode in a parade, at some more junk, got glow sticks and watched a great firework show.

Not a bad day.

Pap Pap decorated his golf cart for the annual golf cart parade. We got to ride on the cart and toss candy to the children along the parade route. Boy Child thought it was great!

They had prizes for the best decorated carts. What a hoot!

Where else but America can people gather together to party and act like loons whenever we want. God Bless America and Thank you to our troops for making this all possible!

Of course we left before noon the next day due to meltdowns so the fish are safe this week (but watch out we will be back) but Boy Child and his dad still managed to squeeze in Kung Fu Panda to finish off the weekend.

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