Hey AARP - I'm not ready!

So by now you all remember that I had a birthday recently. No big deal, not a milestone birthday, other than the sickness thing and the husband thing, I was okay with it.

What I'm NOT okay with is earlier this week getting THIS in the mail! I saw the envelope and handled it like it was laced with Anthrax. I was in shock to see my name on anything that had to do with AARP.

If that wasn't enough ~ yesterday I come home and there is a message on my answering machine. It is one of those political campaign pre-recorded jobbers, but the kicker to this particular message (can you guess?) ~ medicare and medicaid! WTF?!#@*!!

Surely, the only sane conclusion is that someone thought it would be funny to write my name down or fill in my name on an internet form that had to do with aging. Right?! And don't think I won't find you.

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