I'm just wondering - enlighten me a little.

I was reading some blogs today, like I do every day. I have to give kudos where kudos are due. Some of you ladies are the most hysterical moms I've ever had the pleasure of reading, seriously, I really do LOL while reading some of your blogs. Some of the blogs are so stylish and trendy. I'm especially envious of you three-column bloggers. (That reminds of of something. Do any of you remember the skit Death To The Two Name Boy that Gilbert Gottfried used to do - I love that one.) I want that. I want a three-column blog. I just haven't figured it out yet.

I also noticed how some of you blog queens get free stuff. Not just any old free stuff but GREAT free stuff like lap tops, GPS, iphones, Blackberries, toys, movies, Nintendo DS, Wii stuff like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and other great products to try out and review. How do you do that? Hey all you product makers out there, spread the love man - spread the love. My family and I would love to try out products and write reviews. I've got a pre-schooler and a tween. I think that there are a lot of products out there for those age groups to test market.

Where do you moms get the great stuff you give away for your contests? Help a mother out. Enlighten me on the inside world of mom blogging. I really wanna know.

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