It's all good.

I've been sick (AGAIN) for the last few days and just haven't mustered up the strength to post, sorry.

Today, I ventured to the local Walgreen's Clinic to have a follow-up appointment. I tried to get a babysitter but, yep, you guessed it I'm the lucky lucky mom to take both kids with me. I gave them my usual talking to before getting out of the car ~ you know the drill: be good in the store for mommy, we will walk in calm and sit in a chair and wait our turn nicely, we will use inside voices, we will not beg mom for toys, food, gum or anything else. I received my usual yes mom from both.

Only it didn't quite go that way.

We walked in nicely and sat nicely for all of 10 seconds before Boy Child was standing on the chair and climbing over them. I redirected his posterior to the softness of the black vinyl seat. They called my name, I am sitting in the little room watching them as the nurse is listening to my lungs. Just then, Boy Child bolts down the aisle. Now, I supposed you normal moms might have jumped up and ran after them, not me, I just sat there looking out the door doing my deep breathing. I see them make another lap, still I don't move. I listen to the nurse telling me how sick I am and that I really need to get to an emergency room for a chest x-ray. I nod and thank her, as I notice out of the corner of my eye that another lap is about to take place. Now I make my move. I stop the Diva with one hand and swoop her into the chair. I wait for Boy Child to come round again as he is unaware that Diva is not in pursuit. Then he runs right into me and I grab his grubby little hand and call for Diva and we attempt to leave the store. Diva decides she needs hair clips, headbands, and ponytail holders. "See mom they're right here on sale, and you know how you and daddy like me to have my hair pulled back." Yep, I bought them, while Boy Child somehow ended up entangled in the plastic bag holder next to the cash register. Nice. I have turned into the trailer trash mom that is loud and obnoxious with her obnoxious kids in the store that you all just kinda glare at them and wonder how people can be like that. The only thing different is that my kids do not have the kool aid stains around their mouth and dirty shirts on. Wow, a dream fulfilled I tell ya.

Next stop, MedExpress for the chest x-ray. Now I've upped the ante on my instructions for behavior at the next location. I've never been here so I'm not quite sure how long the wait is. I've now bribed them both with a trip to K-mart so Diva can get her new backpack for school and Boy Child can get a toy if he is a good boy. If he is not a good boy then Diva will get to have a toy or the new Kidz Bop 14 CD. I really thought that would work. It must be the confusion from lack of oxygen to my brain from all the coughing. I'll just sum it up instead of make the long drawn out version because I'm getting tired just remembering it all. We had 3 bathroom breaks, 6 cups of water from the water cooler, spilled water, wiped up water, interrupted and asked a million questions while the nurse was talking to mom, flicked the lights in the exam room off and on at least 27 bazillion times, spun around on the doctors rolling stool, fell from the doctors rolling stool, and oh yeah, took our crocks off and on another 27 bazillion times. Those are just the highlights. After finding out that I now have pneumonia which hasn't yet responded to 4 days of antibiotics and steroids and being told to rest we go onto round 3 of the day's adventure ~ K-mart.

Now, I'm sure you all know by now that Boy Child is not getting his toy, so that is going to cause a major meltdown. My choice is to inform him now while he is buckled in the car and let him get his tantrum out while I'm driving or wait until we get there and have the scene get ugly in public -- hmmm I chose the car. He got it all out of his system and we were able to get through K-mart without incident. Oh sure I had to hear repeatedly the usual sibling mantra of "it isn't fair that she gets to buy stuff" "why can't I have something too" and again the ever over used "it isn't fair". Diva received her backpack, socks and new underwear but the Kidz Bop CD doesn't hit the stores until Tuesday, I'm told. Oh well, I'm sure Boy Child has a big grin on his face now in his sleep remembering that fact .

As I sit here though typing and breathing with the nebulizer on, it's all so worth it because I put him to bed at night and he tells me how much he loves me ~ you know bigger than the world, bigger than all the planets, bigger than my butt (laughing always follows that), etc. Then I go into Diva's room and kiss her goodnight and she never wants to quit hugging - even if we've been battling all day with each other.

It's all good ... yep, it's all good.

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Heidi said...

Oh honey, did they give you some codine? I say, take it. And I would not have looked at you funny, and I don't think any other mom would have either, we all have to do it. Just not while we are in need of 911. Hope you get better soon.