Pining for a pleasure trip

Vacations.....ah yes, I remember them well.

Has anyone seen the recent movie "RV" with Robin Williams? Well, in my family we first had a tent, then added small Scotty trailer, then a larger Scotty trailer, then a 22ft Cobra motor home. That was summer for us. Camping.

I actually have a lot of fond memories of camping with my family. We spent a lot of time on our bikes, hiking, playing in creeks - catching salamanders, fishing, playing pinball at the rec-room (not an arcade back then) and eating mountain pies and "slavish" bacon (was technically called "slab of bacon" however I misheard them when I was little and thought it was "slavish" bacon ~ so the name stuck) around the campfires. We would play 20 questions and chat. If it rained we would huddle around the small table in the trailer and either play Yahtzee or 500. Being the youngest I always pooped out first and fell asleep to the sounds of the rest of my family talking around the fire. Sometimes our neighbors would join us camping and there would be 3 or 4 campsites of us. Us kids had a blast with that - we had our own little gang.

We even took the motor home on vacation. We have been to Cedar Point, King's Island, Virginia Beach, Myrtle Beach, Ocean City, Daytona Beach, Busch Gardens, DC, and even Disney World all via camp sites with the motor home. We had no idea what it was like to stay in a motel. Most places we could camp right on the beach or across the street.

It was very interesting. The people were very interesting. We really got to know one another - how could you not, with 5 people (sometimes 6 if grandma or grandpa came with us and then later add 2 small dogs to the mix) living in an itty bitty living space. You learned to tolerate and get along. There was no slamming the door to your room to get away. Your bed was the dinner table and you had to wait long after dinner hours to go to sleep. Sometimes we had to sleep on the floor. We also read a lot of books while travelling down the interstates.

When Husband and I were first dating, we went to Sanibel Island for our first summer vacation together. That was the first time I had ever been on an airplane. It was exhilarating. Unfortunately, the trip sucked eggs due to Hurricane Erin but it was an experience.

We like the gulf coast the best. We took our honeymoon via Royal Caribbean. That I have to tell you folks was probably the best week of my entire life. I will remember that forever. We had perfect weather and the activities on and off board ship were top notch. Let's all give a shout out for the pirate ship rum runner excursion!! Whoo Hoo! I've never had so much rum punch in my life - boy did my body retaliate after that one, but it was oh so worth every flush.

We took Diva to St. Pete Beach for her first real vacation at the age of 2, we were so worried she would not travel well. She was a natural. She did fantastic in the plane and we only had a few meltdowns getting her to leave the hotel playground long enough to go to the beach. But all in all it was so much fun introducing her to the ocean and the beach.

While I was pregnant with Boy Child we went to Myrtle Beach with family. Between, exhaustion, dehydration and vomiting it was really a nice trip as well. Diva was old enough to go to the hotel kid's club for a few hours each day for fun activities and allowed us some grown-up time.

When Boy Child was 6 months old we thought it would be nice if we went to Ocean City for a week with my family. Since my mom has Alzheimer's we thought this would most likely be the last of her vacations so Husband, Diva, Boy Child and I shared a condo with my parents. That was interesting to say the least. Boy Child hated it. He sat on the beach with his hands over his ears and cried. He cried at the restaurants with his hands over his ears. He was only pleasant in the condo. So I got to spend a week inside a condo with the 6 month old and my mom. My mom repeated everything over and over and over and over and then didn't want to share the stuffed animals with Diva. One night though we actually had my Dad babysit and we got out to Seacrets for some fun and boy was it.

That was the last REAL vacation we have had as a family. My definition of REAL is by leaving the house and staying somewhere for longer than 2 nights. Anything 2 nights or less is not a vacation that is just an exhausting weekend.

So until, we are able to venture into the realm of vacations again, I will live vicariously through all of you. Enjoy your summer.


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

There will be no vacation this summer for us. It sucks, but we are on a new house mission.

Anyone who takes kids camping, btw, is either insane or a saint. I'm not sure which.

Alma said...

Wow!! Camping is a good idea for holidays or I will prefer to go for a family holiday trip.

Beth Nixon said...

Love the accounts of your summers as a kit. (Cedar Point rocks!)

I've yet to brave camping with the kids but will soon . . . your post inspired me that the work on my part is worth the memories on their part!