Eat your hearts out ~ And how was your day

Today was a glorious day of peace and quiet. Husband was at work - but first he ran the vacuum and tidied up the house. Boy Child went to the pool with his Uncle and cousin. Diva went school shoe shopping with her Aunt and cousin. I was left alone.

I was ordered by Husband to get outside and let the sun shine on me today. So I took his advice and pulled up a chair out on the deck. I thought I would read last month's magazine and this week's Pennysaver.

It was a beautiful day out - as you can see by these photos.

Very relaxing.

I almost feel guilty that I enjoyed it, almost.

The video below shows my view and the soothing sounds that I heard.

That's right, not much there.

Nope just locust and someone hammering somewhere.

Very soothing indeed. After I read, I went in for a 2 hour nap!

Yep, 2 hour nap!

Husband came home after picking up the kids and proceeded to make a wonderful steak dinner.

Eat your hearts out!


Beth Nixon said...

Sounds absolutely divine. Good for you for enjoying it!

Burgh Baby said...

I'm totally jealous. I can't even tell you the last time I managed to get a 2-hour nap. Great photos!

BTW, there's a meet-up this Friday night, if you're able to attend. Details are at