The good deeds that sometimes smack ya back

If you do a good job at something, sure enough, they will come back and ask you to do it again.

Without trying very hard, I had created a monster. In the spring I was rooked into helping a mom with our 3rd grade Chinese auction basket for the Spring Bingo Luncheon at our school. This is one of four major school fundraisers and I am friends with this other mom so I agreed. Something I try hard not to do - get too involved. Not because I don't like it, but because I never feel like I have the time to devote to anything. I always feel pulled in 17 different directions and I don't like to do something if I cannot do overkill - know what I mean? Some of you do I'm sure.

Well, now I've done it. Since I was able to overkill our homeroom basket, now I've gotten the call from the PTG president. Coercing me into being on the Prize Committees for the Autumn Gala and the next Spring Bingo.

Our school is a Catholic school that has around 140 students and around 1,100 parishioners. The teachers here are so loving and dedicated. On the first day of school they have a "Hug Patrol" which consists of 2 very popular teachers who make it a point to try and hug and welcome back each child as they come through the hallway to their homerooms. The kids love it. Our school also houses the St. Anthony's program. This really helps our kids to understand and acquire patience and tolerance for those children who are more challenged then they are. I'd give you the link to their website here except that it seems to be going through a make-over and most of the pages are now "under construction".

In my attempt to overkill these projects I've now acquired, I'm reaching out to the blogging community. What I'd like to achieve here is connections to local businesses who would be willing to donate prizes in the form of actual products and/or services or to the national companies that would be willing to do the same (even gift cards). I would also be very appreciative of any sponsorship donations in lieu of products/services from any corporations or small businesses that would like to help out our worthy cause. Even you bloggers out there that have those great items you make and/or sell and often give away in gift baskets, these gift baskets would be wonderful as well.

Every sponsorship and prize levels will receive the following: Business name on sponsor card with the item at the event ~ Business name published in the event program ~ Featured item and business promoted in event program ~ Business name will be acknowledged in a flyer sent home to all school families ~ Business name published in the parish bulletin and in an insert sent to over 800 families. There are special recognitions too depending upon the prize/sponsorship level. I have all the fine details available for anyone who is truly serious about helping us out. Just send me an email and we can talk. If you think your company does this sort of charity regularly and you can just give me a name and contact number of your company's marketing department I would be more than happy to contact them and see what I can accomplish.

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Burgh Baby said...

I hate when stuff like that comes back to bite you.

It might be worth hitting up companies that have a web presence in blogs, on twitter, etc. A few Google searches should lead you the way. Hopefully.

Good luck!