I'm the best there is

Once again, let us discuss that I have time on my hands. Time to reflect on too many thoughts bouncing around in my mind.

I've decided that it is time. Time for me to take more control over my destiny.

Time for me to let as many people know as possible that I am amazing as an administrative assistant. I have the gift of office skills. I know this because I have been performing office work since I was a little girl. Most girls would play school or house - nay not I, I would play office. I have never stopped. I have been the ever dependable go-to girl in the office since school days. I have always worked in the school offices too. Yes, people, I am amazing and highly intelligent!

I can back all this self-indulgence up with impeccable references and a great resume to boot. What I am looking for though is a job that allows me to work from home (virtual office assistant or data entry so to speak). I wouldn't mind having to go in to the home company once a week or something but basically, I want to work from my home office. I'm not looking for those get-rich-quick schemes mind you. I'm looking for a "real" job with a "real" paycheck. For example, I used to have this fantastic job where I was the editorial assistant for a highly acclaimed (I'll not name names here) publishing group located in the UK. This was a home-based job. I loved it. Unfortunately, a certain person's new girlfriend decided she wanted the job and so I was booted. Not fair but happens.

This is not a joke, I'm am totally serious. I am tired of trying to weed through all the spam emails and websites out there for work from home jobs. I'm not looking to "sell" anything to people either, I'm not a salesperson - done the Herbalife selling and hated it. Did very well at it, naturally, but hated every waking moment of selling. So please do not suggest the usual Silpada, Avon, Southern Living, Pampered Chef, etc. Not me, they have all tried to recruit me.

Anyhoooo, I'm opening myself up to the world for hire. Now, now ~ don't all crowd. I realize this is a bit unorthodox, but sometimes you just have to take chance and see what falls your way. This is a big city-state-country-world and there are a lot of business owners out there of many varieties. If your business has an opening for someone who can pretty much do anything administrative (except design web sites, that much is obvious isn't it?) and do it beyond reproach, then please email me and we can discuss this further.


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