It was a huge success!

The birthday party date has finaly come and gone. Diva was in her glory. We had the party at this place called Backstage Pass Parties.

I'm so glad that I found this place while searching the internet one day. Diva and all her friends had a blast! They were able to sing, dance and play instruments to all their favorite Miley Cyrus, Camp Rock and Jonas Brothers songs.

All we had to do was show up with the cake and ice cream and this place took care of the rest. Very low stress for mom and dad.

Can you believe this cake that a friend of ours made for her party?

The girls loved it.

Here is a shot of Diva right in her element. Rock on, Diva!

A bit too comfortable I think.

Here is a short clip of the girls performing to one of their 3 songs they chose to make a video to. OMG!

Dad even got to jam with them!

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Britt said...

How cool is that? Love the music video! I'm totally jealous that you're married to a rock star ;o)