Mad Props To Pops

I just think that a great big thanks is in order for Husband and Diva. I love you guys, thanks for all the help and taking care of me.

Husband has scrubbed the house, done laundry, cooked dinner, gone grocery shopping, and paid attention to the kids so that I can keep my (seems to be now growing from all this rest) butt on the couch. Quite a feat for a man who leaves the house at 7:00a and doesn't return until 7:00p seven days a week.

Diva hasn't really complained very much about not shopping for school clothes yet. She has been very helpful even around the house doing some light chores and keeping tabs on Boy Child for me. She has even spent some time playing with him since he is getting a bit stir crazy as well.

Diva's biggest worry right now is whether or not she will win a meet 'n greet of the Jonas Brothers when they are here in Pittsburgh on August 26. I have to say that if there were ever a little girl that deserved something outrageous like that to happen to it would be her. She really is a good girl and she usually has to listen to others talk about their experiences and fun things and such while she doesn't get much. She's a pretty good sport about it though when she asks me why we don't get to do anything fun. I did manage to get her tickets to Hannah Montana when she came to the 'Burgh. Diva was so beside herself with that, she just kept saying thank you, thank you, thank you the whole night. That was so much fun taking her to, it felt so good. So, hey Jonas Brothers, if you're out there, Diva would like to give ya a great big hug in the 'Burgh (especially you Nick) - pick the winner to your Team Jonas fan club contest already so we can move on!

I am going to attempt to return to work this week. I'll be taking my nebulizer with me so I hope no one will complain. Sheesh, I hope I still have a job to go back to. I feel like I've been gone forever. This will be a very exhausting week I'm sure. It will be nice to get out of this house and see grown ups and have grown up conversations again - I'm not sure my brain is working anymore!


Market Martini said...

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Burgh Baby said...

I am oddly grateful that Alexis is too young for Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers. I know something new will be in place in ten years, but I'm hoping it won't be quite as nauseating. OK, it'll be worse. Ugh.