Oh Yes - Oh My Jonas

Tuesday was finally the day we could all let our our breath. You see we've been holding it from several months now. Diva received for her birthday from her Aunt two tickets to The Jonas Brothers concert at the Post-Gazette Pavilion. Not lawn seats mind you - but pavilion seats. The day had finally come. I wasn't sure that Diva was going to make it with the pent up excitement she had.

So me, Diva and our two friends took to the road about 3:30pm for a 7:00pm concert. The parking lot opened at 5:00pm so we figured we would have to hang out a while. We were not the first ones there - there was already a line waiting for the gates to open for 6:00pm. So we bought the usual concert T and the flashy light thing that the kids wave. Remember the good old days when we bought a lighter just to take to the concerts to hold up? Now it is either you hold up your cell phone or wave one of these flashy light things - so not as cool as the lighter.

When the gates opened - 30 minutes early, yippee - it was hysterical to see the masses swarming to the lawn to secure the coveted front row. Since we had seats we went directly to the food court to get dinner - we were starving.

Whenever anyone walked on the stage all the kids in the audience would start screaming. It didn't matter that it was an overweight roadie or not, they were a screaming just in hopes that it would be a Jo Bro. Way too funny.

The first act to come on was an identical twin sister act from Australia called The Veronicas. Our kids couldn't stand it. It was nothing but noise and they didn't even know the songs. They claim they saw this group on The Suite Life show though. I didn't take any pictures of them - not a memory we needed to keep.

The second act was Demi Lovato from Camp Rock. What a cute girl. She was really very good and the girls all loved her. Only she sang most of her songs off her brand new album which is not yet even released, so they couldn't sing along as much as they wanted to.

At one point after Demi was finished, there was mass screaming and pointing in the middle of the VIP section but we couldn't see who they were addressing. Of course we were looking for a Jonas Brother. I found out later the next day that it was really Taylor Swift and her mom that showed up for the concert. She happened to be in town for her show tonight (Aug 30) at the Post-Gazette Pavilion.

The sun had finally set. The seats and field were full of screaming (and I do mean screaming) tweens and teens. The lights were all off. The screaming - the screaming - the screaming - it just wouldn't end!!! Finally you could hear the song "We Will Rock You" start to play and then you could barely see a lot of people going onto the pitch black stage. The excitement was reaching its breaking point and the kids were all vibrating just knowing that the show was about to begin. Then it happened -- The flash of fire, the lights came on and lo and behold there they were in all their glory -- Nick, Joe and Kevin, The Jonas Brothers!!! The screaming was so loud that at that point it drowned out the music - I actually had to cover my ears from the pitch of those squeals (boy did that make me feel old).

The brothers put on a heck of a show and the girls really loved it. They loved it even more than the Hannah Montana show they saw last January and the Jonas Brothers were the opening act for that one. We snuck out of there before the encore songs though. Now, now, if you have ever been to a concert at that venue you would understand why. There is only one road in and one road out of that place. So do the math: 1 road + 27,000 people = 2.5 to 3 hours of exiting time. Seriously! So by us leaving 15 minutes early we were able to walk to our car (not be pushed in a mass exodus fashion), jump in and pull out immediately (not sit in a car with too overly tired 9 year olds who would inevitably need to pee at some point during the 2 hour wait just to leave the parking lot), and be home in 1 hour total! Diva didn't mind because this was a school night for her and she had already been awake since 6am and gone to a full day of school before coming to the concert. She was wiped out.

Thank you Jonas Brothers for a wonderful show and some great memories with our friends who moved to Chicago the day after (Miss you guys - see you at Christmas)! Too bad Diva didn't win the meet 'n greet though they would've loved that.

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Anonymous said...

We had a rockin time with you guys. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. However, my ears rang the whole drive back to the windy city.

See you soon !
The Funns