Summer, Oh Summer ~ Where did you go?

Have you ever felt like you life is a blur? I'm feeling that way right now. I'm not liking it a whole lot.

It's August 2 today. Where did summer go? I haven't been to Kennywood, Idlewild Park, Splash Lagoon, the playground, the pool, a movie, an evening out with Husband, or anywhere. I haven't had a backyard barbecue with friends, sitting at night on the deck with Husband sipping cocktails and watching the bats swooping down for bugs, no nothing like that has happened yet this summer. I have won several very cool prizes off of this radio station and actually had to give them all back and let them re-draw a new winner due to lack of time or babysitter money. That's not right I tell ya.

Diva starts back to school on August 21. I haven't gone school shopping yet. Yep, you heard me, she has no shoes, no jacket, no nothing. I've discussed this with Diva today and her main concern for school supplies is that she needs some bras (yep I'm getting to that page in the raising a Diva handbook. Not sure I'm ready for that one.) and she wants the "cool" spiral notebooks that everyone else had in her class that have pictures and designs on them. Not the "stupid plain red, blue, yellow and green 10 for $1 notebooks, mom!" And I was all proud of myself that I did manage to get her the school supplies on the list for 4th graders that was sent home and the Camp Rock lunch box and a new backpack. So my feeling a bit proud of that accomplishment went out the window that at least that much is done when she made the "cool notebook" speech.

So what have I done this summer? Hmmm, I've gone to work, done laundry, cleaned the house, done dishes, and run errands. I spent the beginning of June very sick for 2 weeks and then now I've spent the end of July very sick. I've just come home from 3 nights in the hospital being treated for pneumonia. So let's just say I've had time to think about this all.

I've decided that UPMC nurses need an across the board raise in their salaries. I wouldn't want that job for all the tea in China. My room at the hospital was right across from the nurse's station and that is not the best room to have people. It is noisy and you hear everything about all the patients on the floor. Especially when it is shift changing time and they have to give their report to the new nurse on duty. It was quite interesting at times, they never used the patient's names just room numbers. I usually sat in my room with the TV off and either read a magazine/newspaper or stared out the window, I don't get peace and quite at home like that and also let's face it there is nothing worth watching on a hospital's 10 channel TV anyway.

Except maybe for the one episode of "What Not To Wear" because it just so happened that the woman they experimented with had the same shaped body as mine so I was really taking notes on that show. She even had my same hair color. I so want someone to nominate me for that show -- do you hear me out there??? I am such the candidate. Man what I couldn't do with $5,000 to shop in New York City -- whoo hooo!

Okay, anyway back to the nurses. Oh and the nurses aides too. There was one aide named Kelly that was absolutely wonderful. She was always popping in and refilling my water pitcher and asking if I needed anything, nice gal and hard worker. The nurses were all great too, very attentive, kind, top notch. They were all business when they had to be but also very nice to talk to. The one night around 1 am someone on my floor coded and had to be resuscitated, man was there commotion but they all knew there places and the patient pulled through. There was another patient on my floor that was (how to say this kindly?) a bit difficult and needy. I think she was either suffering from dementia a bit or she thought this was a health spa and the nurses were her personal assistants. I tried to keep a low profile my theory was that if I kept my door shut and kept as many people out of my room as possible then the germs from all the other rooms would stay out as well. I simply had enough germs of my own that I wasn't doing a very good job of controlling. Also, one of the nurses told me that they can hear me coughing out at the nurses' station. Kinda embarrassing I guess when you consider the amount of noise the gaggle of nurses are making 24/7 and all the bells and buzzers that go off every minute, except that I do have pneumonia, thank.u.very.much, and controlling my coughing isn't in the picture right now, trying to breath here people.

Now, I'm sitting here resting and thinking how the devil am I going to save the summer now? Diva has a birthday coming up in a few weeks and I haven't even given that any thought either. She has though, she wants a Camp Rock birthday party. Anyone who lives in my area have any suggestions for this that won't involved me having it at my house and that would not cost me a second mortgage? I'm thinking of keeping it simple, pizza and cake/ice cream for food (of course the usual chips and stuff too) and have the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Camp Rock soundtrack, and HSM CD's on shuffle and buy some inflatable microphones and guitars and let the kids just dance and goof around in a church hall or something. It's trying to keep it that simple with the Italian husband who has to over-kill everything that involves feeding people.

It sure was nice to come home yesterday. My Diva gave me a big hug and said how much she missed me and then this morning when Boy Child woke up, I gave him his milk and tucked a blanket around him and fluffed his pillow on the love seat he likes to sit on and watch his morning cartoon and he looks up at me and says is the sweetest voice, "I sure did miss you mom." That was great! Husband has even been doing the laundry - maybe I actually died in the hospital and this isn't real?

I'll get it all together in time. We always manage it. But first I've got to heal because I definitely do not want to return to the hospital. Ooops, it's past my nap time!

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I'm glad your home! I hope you continue to feel better. It's no fun being sick like that.

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