Time on my hands, but wasted

I've been home recuperating this week. It sounds like it would be very nice to sit around and have time to read or watch a movie or nap, but in reality it is the most aggravating experience there is. I haven't read anything (but other blogs of course just to keep my sanity). I watched one movie. I have taken naps though (aah sweet naps).

I sit here and try to do some housework but then get wiped out and start coughing and then have to rest. So I look around all flipping day at the dust, dirty bathrooms, and laundry. I get frustrated.

Then I start to think about how Diva starts school in 2 weeks and I haven't been able to get to the mall to even get her shoes. Thank goodness I had the forethought to get the actual classroom supplies weeks ago or I would really be in a jam. But still I'm frustrated.

I try to make phone calls and send emails and faxes to businesses that I think would be good prospects for donations for the school fundraiser but even that has been exhausting, exciting, but exhausting. Talking and coughing is not a very good way to solicit for donations.

I have finally planned Diva's birthday party and sent all the invitations out and have coordinated a Camp Rock birthday cake with our neighborhood "cake lady". So I can feel very proud of that job checked off the list. I'll post about it when it has come and gone to let you all know how it went. The theme is, of course, Rock Star.

Today while Boy Child was taking his bath I was lying on my bed resting. He likes me to give him some "alone time" to play for a couple minutes. He must have heard me coughing because he got out of the tub, filled a paper bathroom cup up with water from the sink, and brought it over to me at my bed for me to drink. He gave me a great big "wet" hug and told me he loved me and hoped I would feel better soon. What a sweetheart.

Diva put on a fashion show for me with clothes that a friend is handing down to her. That was fun. I still cannot get her Mac to connect wirelessly to the internet, but that will have to be another day's project.

So I guess I should just enjoy the slowness of the week to heal and enjoy some time with my kids and husband and not think of it as wasted time afterall. Husband by the way now has a terrible cold ~ I think it is from the stress of this whole event with me.

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