Rainy Days and Hot Wheels

Today is actually a beautiful day but it had been raining here for a couple of days. Nothing like the poor souls who have been hit with Ike though.

My kids were really starting to get cabin fever - can you tell? I think I should be embarrassed, but oddly I'm not.

I've really let them just do whatever they want to do. If they are busy then I'm free to get the mountains of laundry done - who wears all these clothes in one week? I swear they multiply in the hampers like mold spores.

Today was Hot Wheels day for them. They had a bright notion to build a track and dump all 40 some hot wheel cars out right in my family room. Whatever, they were happy.

Before the race track mom, dad and Diva got to play two very competitive games of Trouble. It got ugly folks. Dad must always win this game, it is his legacy. Unfortunately, he got spanked - not once but twice - mom was the queen of Trouble last night - times two! Whoooo Hooooo.


Burgh Baby said...

That? Is a kick-ass track.

I hope Ivan didn't knock out your power!

Alicia said...

I LOVE when kids use their imaginations. They did a great job!