Say What?

I was at the doctor's office the other day. I decided to use the restroom in the lobby of the building before heading to my appointment. There they were posted in each stall, beside the exit, on the mirror and next to the paper towel dispenser this sign.

When did there become so many folks in the world carrying around needles and syringes that we needed to have signs directing us to safe disposal centers? Even though I was in a building that housed several different kinds of doctors, how many people need to stop in the restrooms to use a syringe before/after a doctor's appointment? Couldn't they just use it at the doctor's office and have it disposed of properly while there? How do they dispose of it any other time? I just don't get it.

And yes, it is odd that I just happened to have my camera with me. I don't usually carry it unless I'm going somewhere with the kids, but lucky me it was in my purse this day.


Colleen said...

That IS weird. The needle sign - I almost always have my camera. ;-)

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

THAT is disturbing.

Full time mom, part-time nurse said...

Oh my.

Rachel said...

My little sister is has severe juvenile diabetes... you'd be amazed at how many people have to carry around "sharps" for medical issues. It's not easy to find safe containers to throw them away; what are you going to do - carry around a used needle in your purse or diaper bag?

It's odd to me to see these signs too - but maybe they've just had a specific issue with it there.

It's been an eye-opener seeing what some people have to think about on a daily basis.