Serve, Set, Spike, Sweat

We have begun the Volleyball season at Diva's school.

We have had 2 games. We have lost 2 games.

I think the team may be their own worst enemy at times. They tend to either not call it ("mine") and no one hits it or they hit it out of bounds.

The serving leaves a lot to be desired also. Not too many make it over the net - on either team.

BUT, in all fairness, this is the JV team and most of them have never played the game before. SO taken that into respect and when I actually watched a game last week I realized that the other team sucked pretty bad too and they were a lot larger girls than ours. We had that same problem with the basketball teams ~ hmm, must be something in the water.

One other little aspect of these games that I was unprepared for ~ these gyms are HOT-HOT-HOT. Just sitting and watching the game is miserable, I cannot imagine how the girls feel. We spectators were melting I tell ya.

Diva had a great hit that actually ended up in a point for our side. So I was proud of her. She really seems to love the game too!

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Burgh Baby said...

Winning is so totally overrated. It's all about how many times you manage to hit somebody in the face with the ball. ;-)