Those Fuzzy White Things

Is anyone else being overtaken by these fuzzy white things? Ewww. I was always taught that you were never supposed to touch the white caterpillars because they will sting you. Is that true? I could certainly live without these things crawling among us.

There are probably a lot of things I could live without. Let's see ~ Peas, I don't like them. The whole weird texture thing about them, you know the skin part then the dry creepy sand-like inside, yuck. The only thing good about them is that when your mom made you eat them you could get through it because they were small enough that you could just swallow them and not have to chew, therefore, there was no taste or texture to deal with. Taxes, enough said. My husband almost always being right. Vomit, We've spent the last two days dealing with Boy Child and his fever/vomiting virus. Step right up folks and let's spin the wheel of who will be next in the house to receive this.

Okay, done with that negative thinking because I'm afraid I'll eventually spiral down to the deep political crevices and then I'll end up losing what small number of readers I have for good.

I wonder what I couldn't live without (besides the obvious). Hmmm ~ well, more of the obvious is family, kisses, hugs and smiles. Babies, I just love them (but I don't want to go that road again so I can love all the other babies now and then give them back). Last night I sat behind a new grandma at Diva's volleyball game. That little one was so good and his little face trying to focus on the game was priceless. Oh my, I could never do without SpongeBob, Chowder, Phineus & Ferb, Word World - you get the point, right? Babysitters, oh yes, Babysitters! Sunshine, I love walking in the woods and seeing the rays beaming through the leaves or when it shines on a river/creek just right, or in the winter when it glistens on the (not so cool) ice that coats the trees after freezing rain, or the way it feels while you lie on the beach fading into a nap. Electricity, after not having it for several days a while back and hearing about all the people right now without it I definitely would not want to ever be without that for longer than a few hours again. Not to mention my addiction to the computer, where would I be without electricity to run the portal to my very being. I can do and see everything from my computer, if I don't know something I just Google it, if I have a medical question, we have WebMD, if I want a vacation (and Lord knows I do but my bank account just mocks me about it) I can search for it and stare at the pictures or better yet the virtual video tour of where I wish I was. The computer is definitely something I wouldn't want to be without. My family uses it for games, homework, keeping in contact with friends and family, planning, banking, shopping, researching, and blogging!

Now you tell us what you cannot live without by heading over to The Parent Bloggers because they have teamed up with Yoplait Kids Yogurt for a great contest. In all honesty, really and truly I'm not just saying this to add credibility to the contest or my blog or anything. My kids REALLY will not eat any other brand of yogurt except for the Yoplait Kids Yogurt. So when I saw the contest I thought that it was perfect for me to enter and I love that right now I can get a $1.50 coupon too. See I'm not kidding:

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Burgh Baby said...

Damn Dora and her yogurt ways. I wish her face wasn't on so many things!

BTW, I've never heard that the white caterpillars bite. In fact, I used to handle them when I was a kid all the time. They were actually my favorites!