What, Baby Girl is Nine?

Yesterday was my baby girl's official 9th birthday. Where do the days go? I remember everything about being pregnant with her (threw up everyday for 9 months but never felt sick) and her birth (lesson learned - never believe what they tell you in Lamaze class - get the epidural) and the first minutes I spent alone with her in my hospital room (just staring at her, every inch of her, in amazement). She was an awesome toddler. You could throw her in a room with a stack of books and she would sit for hours peacefully. What I wouldn't give for that with her brother.

She has a smile that melts even the coldest hearts and when it is accompanied with her laughter, you cannot help but be put in a better mood. Don't even get me started on the big blue eyes - we still cannot figure out where they came from. She tends to start out as a shy little girl but once she feels at peace just watch her perform. She loves attention and will often times put on a show. Since she was a baby she was talking before she was walking and that has definitely not changed. She can talk incessantly. If she is not talking she will be singing. If neither, she must be asleep ~ sometimes that won’t even stop the talking!

Diva has a vast sense of humor and can pull off a joke or prank with the ease of a professional comedian. She is clever and knowledgeable. She has a fantastic memory and seeks information insatiably. She does best in structured settings but has great creativity, but only if she is interested in doing so. She tends to be very lucky. She enjoys sports, leisure and travel. She likes being a part of a team, although she may need a bit of motivation or encouragement to be at the top of her game, she does try her best.

Diva has a heart of gold – this is both an asset and a liability for her. She is very sensitive and secretively self-conscious. She craves to be loved and have a secure sense of belonging (this is a tough one when you are in the 4th grade). She is very loyal sometimes to her own demise. However, she must learn to control herself when criticizing others, in order to not hurt their feelings needlessly (she can be a brat sometimes).

But all in all, she is a good girl. She's my baby girl and I love her so much. I can't imagine life without her now. My whole life I wanted to be a mom, sometimes it isn't all that you thought it would be but most times it is, it really is.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl - I Love You!

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