Enough, Enough - I Surrender!

This has been a truly awful week for me. Bring on the weekend, please.

We had a theft, some elder citizen slammed into the side of my car on our way home, and now my dryer breaks down.

Now I know that these are not major, life-changing or life-threatening events (and I am thankful), but scheeeeesh - the quota for this week has been met I think.

I'm ready for some sunshine and rainbows - make with the happiness already.

Here are 2 things that made me laugh though. Maybe they will help you to smile today too.

Diva being silly as usual.

Not really any words here. I found this guy one evening lying on the floor after Boy Child had been playing in the playroom. Nope, I'm not commenting.

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lonestar818 said...

Those are too funny. :) I hope your weekend is better!