A Hairy Scarey Moment

Sometimes you've got to wonder how something that appears to be so safe and non-threatening can turn so evil. Diva received this lovely round hairbrush in a gift bag from a birthday party she attended.

Little did we know that this cute little brush would attack so viciously.

Panic was truly setting in and we had to call out the big dog for help.

Husband had to intervene. We tried using cooking spray but that didn't help. So Husband took his time and tried to maneuver the hair out of the bristles the best he could.

In the end the wicked brush won the battle and we ended up having to resort to scissors to remove the brush from her hair.

Well, it could've been much worse. It doesn't look all that bad.


Marie-Ann said...

Oh my! I had the same experience as a kid. Except mine was right-smack infront, and instead of snipping the hair-stuck-on-brush off, my mom ripped it off. :D

I never go out without a fringe, thanks to my mom's quick thinking skills.

Mama Laura said...

Oh gosh! I always hated those brushes when I was younger. You've reminded me to keep them away from my daughter when she comes across them lol.

The cut looks good, though!