Remembering Mom ~ SOOC Saturday

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SOOC Saturday - The only rule is that you share a family-friendly photo SOOC, no editing allowed, and you leave a comment at each photo you visit.

This picture I shot by just putting the camera up to the fence and shooting very quickly because Boy Child was getting away from me.

It reminds me of when I was young and walked to/from school. I remember on those days when the air started to get nippy. My cheeks were red from the cool air, my light jacket was not quite warm enough, and the grey puffy cloud overhead looked about to rain at any moment. I walked faster on those days. When I got to the door of my house and opened it, the best smell in the world to me on those days was when mom made homemade beef soup. She would make soup, noodles and barley.

I can still remember how coming from the cold walk home and being greeted by the warmth of the house and the smell of that soup made me feel so warm, cozy and safe.

I hope that my kids will have a memory like that to linger with them through their lives.

It's funny how one uninteresting picture (that I almost deleted) can bring back such thoughts.

What does this shot make you feel, remember or think of?


Rachel said...

beautiful! I love that you saved it. It reminds me of beauty in everyday things - and I LOVE the textures!

Julie said...

Great, I love it. Reminds me of spending cold Saturday mornings at my niece's soccer games.

Sheri said...

I love that picture. I'm so ready for fall, I love the cooler weather, football games, getting out the jackets and blankets.

Frogs' mom said...

What a wonderful image - takes me back to the school yard! Totally understand the shot on the run - running after the fleeing child. Sometimes it helps when you don't have time to over think :0)

melody is slurping life said...

No, no...don't delete. I LOVE this! Isn't it amazing that a photo with no people, no objects you speak of call up the memory? Fabulous.

lonestar818 said...

What a beautiful memory, and a great picture! Glad you didn't delete it :)

Killlashandra said...

Great memory. It's nice to be reminded of growing up and fall has a way of doing just that. Nice shot. :)