Santa Cried A Little

This was a sad weekend for me.

This weekend Diva vocalized that she no longer believed in Santa. There was no convincing her otherwise and all we could do was come clean and confirm her new non-belief. During this conversation I started to cry.

This was very emotional for me. Another milestone has been met and I felt as if it just smacked me upside the head. I am so not ready for Diva (or Boy Child) to grow up and lose the magic and mystical world of childhood.

Christmas Eve and Christmas shopping just won't be the same now. Here is her first Christmas picture we had done. Awwww, too cute(this is a bad scan job but the photo was a bit marked up).


Colleen said...

That is very sad. How old is she? I so don't look forward to that.

Does she realize that if she doesn't believe he doesn't bring presents? Every year as we got older my mother would bring up our belief... and every year when we told her we still believed, Santa would bring a present. As we got older we told her we believed in the spirit of Santa and giving. I think my mom just never wanted us to give it up.

Full time mom, part-time nurse said...

I am sooo sorry. I am just waiting for the day my son tells me the same thing. My guess is that it is coming soon.

Full time mom, part-time nurse said...

I am so sorry. I'm just waiting for my son to tell me the same

Burgh Baby said...

I would be sad, too. Santa IS real, dang it!