Presents Under The Tree

Under the Tree 240x240

In addition to providing prizes for readers to win by commenting on individual reviews, the companies participating in the Christmas Giveaway 2008 are providing presents to selected families who are in need this Christmas.

Especially now, it is harder and harder for families to have any extra money. I'm sure that there are families that have been saving in their Christmas Clubs all year only to realize that they need that money to make the mortgage payment or keep the electricity or gas on. They are thinking that they would find a way to come up with the money for presents later. Later is here, sometimes it comes too soon and that money just isn't there now. Believe me, you know these people, they live right next door or down the street and or your kids might sit next to them in school or on the bus. Their parents would never let on that this could happen to them.

So, if you know a family who will not be able to provide presents for their children this Christmas, please nominate them by clicking the link above. Don't be shy, the children (and parents) will be grateful and your heart could use a smile. They will keep the nominations open until November 20th, 2008.

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