8 days, really?

Holy crap, I've been 24/7 with my kids for 8 days now. Hmmm, seeing it in print doesn't quite sound like very many days. I have to be mistaken because it sure seems like it has been 80 days! Don't get me wrong, I love the little darlings ~ But YIKES one sure does get tired of hearing their own voice blaring from the rafters.

Sayings like: "Quit touching her!", "Stop running!", "Are you hurt?", "You've just eaten, how can you be hungry again?", "Clean up your room.", "Brush your teeth.", "No!", "Shut the door!", "Can I just pee in private please?" Oh, there are so many more sayings too. All of these are repeated a gazillion times a day each and every day - especially "Leave your sister alone!" and "Just stop it, please!" Let us not forget the ever fun game of "What was that noise?"

We have gone visiting, we have had visitors and we have even done the proverbial Chuck E. Cheese once again (we had quite a bit of tokens left over from the birthday party). With the rain first and now the bitter cold there has not been any outdoor time for Boy Child. Yep, you guessed it, he is bouncing off the walls. Here's a good example for ya.

I sent him upstairs to brush his teeth and grab a pair of socks from his drawer yesterday. He proceeded to go into my bedroom - He had to go into his bedroom - He had to go to the bathroom - He had to go into Diva's room and stayed there long enough to cause a fight to break out and a lot of screaming (from all of us) - He then went back to his room - He came downstairs to tell me that he was going to start brushing his teeth now - He went back upstairs - He finally brushed his teeth and came downstairs but had forgotten the socks - oh and by now he realized his shirt was wet and he then had to change that (which means finding just the right softness and smoothness of a shirt for today) - then and only then after 1 1/2 HOURS he finished the task of brushing his teeth and grabbing a pair of socks. (Does this remind anyone else of those books about "If you give a mouse a ___"? Well, yes my friends this is my life with Boy Child.)

Ahhhhhh! I think my head has just exploded!

Me thinks that (even though it is New Year's Eve) it should be an early bedtime night so Mamacita can get some margaritas in her!

Happy New Year Yinz Guys!

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Full time mom, part-time nurse said...

I hear you. I love my children but there are days when I ask where is the wine opener? Just remember, when life gives you lemons, make Margaritas. :0