Hey, Who Cut The Cheese?

I have always been one of those parents that said they "would never" have "one of those" birthday parties at this place! That was until I had an almost 5 year old Boy Child who begged to have a "real" birthday party with friends at the dreaded Chuck E. Cheese hole. We caved, what can I say.

There were tokens for games .... tons of prize tickets .... and tubes for the climbing. This is a small slice of heaven to an ADHD child!

Let's also mention that Boy child had his three-lady harem surround him. He had a smile on his face from the moment he stepped into that mouse hole .... that smile never left.

My neighbor does great cakes. This one was specifically requested by our Boy. What a hoot!

Then just when you think the games, the pizza, the friends, and the family are enough. The count down to the big Cheese dance starts. Here is a shot of Boy Child's face when he saw Mr. Chuck E. Cheese himself arrive front and center to dance with the "Birthday Stars". Too Much!

Can you tell he really wasn't too into it, was he?

We had to pry him away from the main man!

So, when your first child is an infant and you think you've got it all planned out and you know "exactly" how you will be raising this child, try to remember those plans. They will become a hysterical memory and story to tell one day. Those plans never pan out ~ especially by the time a second child comes into the picture.

At the end of the day, when Boy Child was finally forced to go to bed, he couldn't hug us or kiss us more. He told us that this was his best day ever and he had such a great time at his party. Those memories are the ones that matter. When you can see it in their eyes that they have just had the time of their life. I was a little worried it would all be too much stimulation for him, but he did great and all the kids (even the older ones) had a blast ~ it was so worth it!

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