Light-tastic Fun

I'm really late for all the fun, it has not been a wonderful week here for organization.

But, you should still check out all the fun that Burgh Baby is having on her site with the light shows!

Here is our rendition of Christmas lights from 2007 at our house. We were not feeling the season so much last year. We really did leave this up!

We decorated our tree during the Steelers game recently. I thought a shot of Boy Child trimming the tree Burgh-style would be appropriate!

Tree complete! Yeah, I know the star isn't lit. We had trouble finding a splitter to plug it into the extension cord. But do not fret, as of last night it is now fully aglow!

Merry Christmas!

UPDATE: Here is the finished product (in daylight). No, these are NOT Santa's gifts, just the ones for family coming over on Christmas Eve. Ridiculous, isn't it! I'm just happy that I am done wrapping!


Kaytabug said...

Your tree is lovely!

Kim said...

Very pretty tree. Your version of christmas lights 2007 is very interesting :) You definitely have to "feel it" to spend time outside in the cold putting up lights.

Shellie said...

I love the tree! And the outside lights? I could even do those! What a great idea, a light blob!

Burgh Baby said...

That's about what my outside lights look like right now after all the damn wind. So purdy!