Blow Out The Candles

The short and sweet of it dad has been the most understanding, supporting, and loving dad a gal could have. Believe me I know this because he has withstood all the tests that I had thrown at him so far in my life. I can only wish that I can endure those kinds of test from my kids and still be as great a parent. He is just wonderful and I am so lucky to have him.

Today is his 73rd birthday. We (his 3 children) took him to dinner. It was at Outback Steakhouse (yummy!).

This photo of him and my mom is when they had just graduated from high school. Ain't they just toooooo cooooool. Heh, heh - I get a kick out of that.

This is just a shot of him last year at their 50th wedding anniversary party. He had a great time.

I love you dad ~ happy birthday!

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