A few too many frames after all

Being the devoted and ever entertaining parents that we are, we decided to take the dear darlings bowling.

I know what your thinking and it is all true, so true. We are crazy and gluttons for punishment. Also, because we vowed to one another that we will keep trying to help Boy Child's social delays by thrusting ourselves into fun activities for the family ~ even if it kills us.

We thought it would be nice to go to Wendy's for dinner because as parents we know that fast food is never fast. It was agony and we almost didn't go to the bowling alley because of the attitudes everyone had. I think it was because it was absolutely freezing in there that made us all quite edgy. Boy Child did his usual antics and Husband had to put his two cents in about their need to change the oil since it was all he could do to gag down a few fries. Understand though that he says this every time we go to a fast food restaurant so I just keep eating and have learned to selectively tune that comment out. I had to concentrate on the eye twitch that was forming because of the whole lot of them anyway.

Bowling went fairly well for the first game. We did a little dancing to the music and enjoyed the "cosmic" feel of the funky lights. I cannot bowl due to a shoulder injury from a auto accident but the 3 of them did. It went so well that we were so ridiculously stupid to think that another game would be even better.

With that said ~ Diva didn't want to be taught how not to throw her ball into the gutter with that wicked hook she has, because well, at 9 you really do know everything, after all. Boy Child wanted to just travel back and forth from the water fountain by way of the round about path that interlaced with other bowlers and then lay down on the chairs. Husbands hip and carpal tunnel started really bothering him so he sort of hobbled up to the line and I just sat there getting tired of hearing my own words blaring out of my mouth while still trying to keep a smile and light-hearted attitude so that the folks next to us didn't think we were psychos who do not know how to act in public.

So folks for $50 you too can have these wonderful memories. Heck, it could've been worse. Wonder what we will do for fun torture this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

LOL, my darling little Angel Child wants to go bowling in the worst way. After hearing about your fun time I'm not *quite* as leery about taking him...but I still have nightmares about the bowling ball he's going to throw at his brother.

I can just feel it.