The First Time

Diva had been begging us to let her get her nails done. We have resisted. Dad caved and needed to be the hero and bought her a gift certificate to have her nails done at a local nail place by our grocery store.

As evident by the above shot of Diva waiting for her sky-blue nail polish to dry, she was over-the-top excited about this. It was truly a dream come true for her.

She loved every bit of this experience. I think it might be the start of an addiction. She wanted to get a snowflake airbrushed onto her nails. They were out of snowflakes they said. So she had to choose something else. Fortunately, for her the air gun malfunctioned and in order to rectify the design they had to add (free of charge) a stripe of glitter to her design. Yeah, she was oh so heartbroken over that.

Voila, the finished product. I think the manicure turned out pretty nice and tasteful for a 9 year old Diva. I'm guessing we will be back.

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