Bleeding Black 'n Gold

This town is going to explode with anticipation.

Everyone is planning for Sunday. The food, the snacks, the drinks, the guests, the location ~ do we have a TV in every room so no one is without? or maybe you going to the game? Then it's the clothes, the towel, the tailgating, the tickets. We are not going once again (unless there are free tickets out there somewhere for us - hint hint). Hey, at least we will be warm and toasty.

There have been and will be so much smack talk'n and so many fun things going on today to vent some of the excitement and animosity toward those birds ~ what fun! There was a "Roast the Ravens" rally downtown around "The Terrible Tree" with live music, free wings and coffee.

This picture was emailed system wide to all the employees where I work with the notation of "Pittsburgh Sunrise".

I cannot blog Steeler excitement without honoring Mr. Cope.

Fun Times!

I just liked this one.


In the beginning...

m'kay, I've got nothing to say about this one.


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Full time mom, part-time nurse said...

OK. The last one has to be Photoshopped. Are you ready for Tuesday?