Offer'n up the Doh

At the party Boy Child received a huge can filled with these.

My philosophy on Play Doh is this, when the day gets tough offer up the Doh. My kids love it. Heck, I loved it too when I was young. I remember one year wanting the Play Doh Fuzzy Pumper toy so bad for Christmas. Yep, got it. It was great.

You just cannot beat the creativity that emerges with this stuff. For Boy Child it is also a great sensory break too. Sheeeesh, I'm sounding like a commercial. Sorry, wasn't my intention. But if you live in the 'Burgh you have got to have Play Doh in the house for those rainy spring days or those blustery winter weekends.

Sometimes I just have to jump right in and show my stuff. They then have to out do me and it can just get ugly, I tell ya. Doh starts flying and sometimes flinging but at least there is the laughter and smiles that come with it. It's the small stuff that seem to bring the best fun.

Also, it helps to keep the kids occupied so that mom and dad can watch the Steelers kick some butt!

Here we go, Steelers, here we go....