The Scare Factor

Okay, so in the back of my mind I'm thinking that it isn't all that great of an idea for Diva to see a PG-13 movie but then you say to yourself ~ self, your SIL says that she saw the movie with your niece and it is fine for a 9 and 10 year old to go see it. So what do you do? You agree with Husband to take Diva and her two cousins to see the movie.

It will be a nice thing for them to do together before they have to go back to school on Monday and get all caught up in the sports, homework, Girl Scouts, etc. schedules. Husband will feel good that he has done something fun and nice with the girls. What can go wrong when you are surrounded by your family, buttered popcorn, soda and snow caps!

You don't think that the previews will evoke pure terror in your child before the movie even starts!

So, now I am stuck with a terrorized Diva who is crying that she saw a man's head get torn from his body and she isn't quite sure what she saw in the previews but knew that it was a sight that she never wants to see again but unfortunately, she sees it replay in her head over and over. Now she is making herself sick over it, literally.

I guess I will have a guest in my bed yet again tonight. Last night Boy Child came to my bed three (yep count 'em 1-2-3) times because he was having a bad dream. Apparently, while playing on that day he saw a game on Ruff that involved germs and he couldn't get those visions out of his head.

I dunno, is it MY kids that are just super sensitive? or is it genetic? Scary or kinda freaky things stick in my head and fester sometimes and then creep me out royally later on, could be days or weeks but at some point they come back to get me.


Burgh Baby said...

It's not just your kids. Alexis constantly PLEADS to watch Snow White, but as soon as we stick it in the DVD player, she starts BAWLING because she "don't like the Queen." She's scared to death of the ol' hag. URGH.

Happy New Year!

kate spencer said...

though I don't have any kids yet, but when my nieces and nephews (5-8 years old) saw a scary movie, they will scare each other and will make fun with it, but when on times that they're alone (for ex: on toilet), that's when they will remember what they saw and will ask for someone to be with them while on the toilet. lol

Anonymous said...

Not just your kids -- I myself used to be in my father's bed (parents were divorced) with nightmares ALL THE TIME... Michael Jackson's Thriller, The bad guys in Pete's Dragon.... even if Somebody ELSE was watching a scary movie... at one point they let me watch Poltergeist --- I turned all my doll's heads away from my bed for months... Personally, I think kids that age have incredible imaginations - and keeping the television/movie fare on the younger side may keep your night time visitors minimized.