A Zen-like Day

A friend of mine sent me a note a while ago and in cleaning up my desk I stumbled upon it. It made be laugh out loud to see the front of it again, no wonder I kept it. So I just thought that I'd share it with you all. Maybe you will smile too.

I took Boy Child out of the house yesterday, as he was bouncing off the walls here. We went to a McD's that had an indoor playland. It was actually a very enjoyable time out with him. He was very polite, he played nicely and not mean with the children, and even left the place without a tantrum. Actually, the entire day went very nicely for me (I even got a double Yahtzee while playing with Husband and Diva in the evening - whoo hoo). I'd say it was actually a great day ~ a day to smile.

I hope you have a wonderful day also!

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